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Hair cuts 4 U opened in June 2015, which is owned by Elena Munive.  She spent 20 years working in salons, throughout the Chicagoland area.  Elena Munive has over 25 years of experience in doing men's and women's hair.   This salon is a community-based salon that serves the working public, by offering first-class services at a minimal price.  We do hair cuts, eyebrows, coloring, fades, etc.  We truly specialize in balayage and hair coloring!  We have four stylists and we are open every day by appointments.  Walk-ins are accepted, but the wait time might be a little long. This salon is infused with stylists who love to be personable with their clients.  In other words, we like to have a good time!!  We are located in the heart of Clark Street which is bustling with nonstop foot traffic.  After working in upscale downtown salons, for many years Elena decided it was time to step out on faith and do her own thing, by opening her own business.  This location was chosen because it is in the heart of a working-class community, and her goal was to serve the working public with excellent service, at a reasonable price.  (After years of working with the downtown wealthy, you want the average individual to receive the same service, but not have to pay the downtown price.). We have survived the pandemic and this location is really thriving.  Call or stop by for an appointment and you will get the best cut/style you have ever received!!


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